Years of Grace

So its been quite a few years since I have blogged…. And quite a bit has happened in my life… good, and bad, and wonderful, and heart breaking all wrapped into the years that God has gifted me. But in every single moment there as been grace. Abundant grace. More grace than I every deserve grace. God has shone and given me so much in these last few years. Things I hope to share with you. Gifts that I pray I can pass on to you, and grace will be at the center of it all, in the form of love that comes to us from Jesus himself. So join with me again on this journey and lets discover some things today!!! I hope this blog will be a work in progress. I want to post about food, and home decor, and God willing small pieces of wisdom God has revealed to me about Himself. I share with you parts of my life, so we can learn together! Are you ready for 2019? Are you ready to see what His grace can accomplish in your life? I hope so! So lets do it! Lets make 2019 the year of grace!