Hot Cross Buns

Hello friends! Hope you are all off to a wonderful start in 2019. Just wanted to get another blog post up here to keep me going! A couple of days ago I made some hot cross buns for my youngest son Abren. He had been begging to make some for probably a year now! I happened to be on the King Author website and noticed they had a box mix for hot cross buns, perfect!! Normally I do like to make things for scratch, but since my little guy had been waiting so long to make these it seemed a good way to get the ball rolling quickly. I really enjoyed using this mix and if you are in the mood for some hot cross buns I highly recommend it!!

Here is the the link if you want to try them out for yourself, just click here. They really are quite easy so I hope you will give them a try yourself. I hope to have lots more homemade recipes, and possibly even some videos to show you things that I make at home. Do any of you have suggestions? Things you would like to see or any great recipes to share?

So many hopes and dreams for this year! Take care my friends…. until next time.



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