Miss MM

Wow, this might be the longest I have gone between blog posts! I think things are going to slow down, and then never do…Warp speed is my new norm I think! So many fun things have been going on with my little business. But I wanted to stop and share this sweet little chair I finished a few weeks ago. It sold at the Chartreuse and Co. Market Days this last weekend. And to be honest I am a little sad to see her go. But alas I can not keep every piece that I remake, but the couple who bought her were so sweet, and I know she will be well taken care of. I think she had a pretty dramatic change from her original outfit. I brought her home on Christmas Eve, and wanted to finish her look over Christmas, but time does have away of getting away from a person so she sat and waiting patiently until two weeks ago. Her new outfit is hungarian linen, but the best part about this fabric is that it had a small monogram on one of the corners. mmchair1Which you can now see is on the arm cover of the chair. In its previous life it was probably used as a household linen and then sent out to be washed. But now it is married to this lovely chair and I hope they have a long happy life together!




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