New Year, New Beginnings…


Wow, I just looked at my last blog post and it was from mid-December! Ummm, didn’t seem that long ago…This year is off to a crazy fun start! I have upholstered, slipcovered, and painted so much furniture the last few weeks my hands are paying the price. But I wanted to take some time to share some of my latest projects and additions to my home. I was glancing around my home today and it struck me how much my decor has changed in the last year. It has changed so much I don’t think one of the rooms that I have photographed in my home tour looks anything like the picture now! So I guess I need to take some update photos.

I have so many fun things to show you, but here are some of my favorites. TheUnion Jack pillow was almost too sweet for me to sell at the barn in January. But I told myself I could just make another one if it did sell. I also plan on making a union jack ottoman in the same color pattern and fabric. I have slipcovered three settee this last year, which I have to say I surprised myself. Never did I think I would be able to tackle a project of that size, and feel confidant enough to sell it!

2014 could be a year of big changes for my little business. God has placed people and opportunities in my life that I never thought would be possible. I am also gearing up for the Lucketts fair in May, which hopefully will be as fantastic of experience as the last two years. Hopefully more details to come.












I wish I would have taken a before pic of the chair. It really needed a make-over. But with a little paint and light blue velvet she is ready for her new life.





Finally I wanted to share a new addition to my home that I absolutely adore. I have wanted a white slipcovered couch for some time now, and finally I have one to complete my living room. My friend Amanda did a great job with the custom slipcover. You can see her other creations in her Etsy shop too, Ruby Twine.


Many blessing to you this New Year!

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