The State of the Union and my Garage!

So here it is, Lucketts Fair Eve Eve. The day that I am supposed to have everything done, tagged, packed and ready to go! Well I can assure you that it is getting there, but there is still a long list of things that need to be done. I think everyone has those moments when they are working on a big project or getting ready for a big event when they say to themselves “why am I doing this again”? I did have some of those moments, but for the most part, I have to say, it has been very exciting and fun! But what I wasn’t expecting was the out pouring of support from so many people. Today as I get all the “stuff” packed up, I have looked at a few pieces, and it has brought tears to my eyes. Not because I thought they were so wonderful and awesome, well maybe a little, but because of all the hard work other people have put into them! So I thought I would thank a few of the people who made some of these items I am showing you today possible. First, I wanted to thank Amanda, my partner in crime for this weekend. She has worked so hard the last few months to create some beautiful pieces to bring to the fair. She is so very talented, and has helped me tremendously this last year. She worked very hard to bring my vision of this union jack ottoman to life. And did I mention she has three children, and one is a newborn! I also wanted to thank Josh, of Hood Contracting, who built many of the pieces I am bringing to Lucketts. He really went out of his to make detail pieces for me, like these coke hangers. I don’t know of any other contractor that would bother with “small” projects like this, so if you every need a contractor for a job that is big or small, I would highly recommend him.


And finally I wanted to thank my family for being patient with me these last few weeks. My middle son gave me a mother’s day card that stated how proud he was of me, and my painting talents. He wrote that I was “great at painting,” and that I painted furniture blue, and that I sold my furniture! That also brought tears to my eyes.And most of all I wanted to thank my wonderful husband, without him, I would not be able to do any of this. Just one more of the multitude of reasons I am grateful God chose you (Allen) for me! So here are just a few pics of what I am packing up today! I thought I would show you the rough version, and then hopefully I will be able to take pics and the fair to show you how it all came together. And thank you, thank you, to everyone that has helped me bring this all together. From the phone calls to emails, I have appreciated all of the encouragement! God has truly blessed me with so many wonderful, caring, and talented friends and family!garage

6 thoughts on “The State of the Union and my Garage!

  1. Karen

    Good Luck this weekend, Traer Lee. So glad that Allen is going with you. I hope that you have good sales and you don’t have to bring much (if any) back home. Will be thinking of you this weekend. And just one question, is that the same garage that we cleaned in early December so that we could get both cars in it???? Just kidding. LUV U

  2. Ugh! In the craziness that is Lucketts I knew I recognized your name when you bought the chandelier (I would have totally given you a discount) but couldn’t remember from where until today! I wish I’d had remembered then as I wanted to talk to you more! I hope you had a successful sale! I’m just so thankful that it didn’t rain Sunday!

    • Aw thanks! I loved you stuff, obviously 🙂 I will have to send you a pic of the chandelier was i get it hung in its new place! I was nice to meet you and hopefully out paths will cross again!

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