Spring Giveaway!

OK, peeps, I know it doesn’t really feel like spring here on the east coast or most of the United States. So I have decided to help bring up the country’s spirits and have a spring giveaway! A while back I had posted a picture of my friend Amanda’s super cute toad stools! Well she has been working hard and has quite a few for sale on her Etsy site. However I convinced her to let me give one away to a faithful Traer Loves reader. So here are the rules…To enter you must leave a comment below to let me know you want a little spring in your life! Pass this along to all of your friends and everyone that leaves a comment is eligible to win. You do not have to follow my blog or even like me on Facebook, but that would be nice. So spread the word and on May 1st, which just happens to be my half birthday, hint, hint. I will announce the winner here on my blog and on my Facebook page. I will email the winner to let them know and to obtain info on where to ship, if not local. World wide entries are welcome! If the winner has not contacted me within ten days another winner will be chosen. See my disclosure page for more giveaway rules.

If you absolutely need a toad stool, which who doesn’t? Please visit Amanda’s Etsy site to purchase your very own today! Ruby Twine….

P.S. She makes them in multiple colors as well 🙂

28 thoughts on “Spring Giveaway!

  1. Marika

    When I am tempted to grumble about these lingering cold days, I tell myself that I must remember my longing for warmth so as not to complain about mid-summer’s unbearably hot and humid weather!

  2. Leslsey Stoner

    Spring will soon be sprung! And I can’t wait… but until then, it could look like spring inside with such an adorable little seat. It just needs some fawns and squirrels scampering about.

  3. Sarah

    Today actually FEELS like Spring!! We have been out and about – fishing, egg hunts, playground – and you can definitely feel the excitement in the air. Let’s hope it’s here to stay! I hope I hope I hope. I also hope to win an adorable toad stool. I mean…who wouldn’t!?

  4. Melissa Eater

    This little “Toad the Mushroom Head” (as my daughter calls the little guy on Mario Cart) stool just plain makes me giggle!

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