Just good shopping…

It has been a little while since my last post. I guess I was worn out from getting my kitchen islands ready, but I still need to stock my vendor space at Stylish Patina, so this girl has no time to rest! I really haven’t felt like painting, and I just finished six custom chair slip covers for an etsy order, but I still wanted to have more inventory for the barn sale. Well, if painting or sewing were not going to get me motivated, shopping surely would! Hence today, I spent the entire afternoon shopping the local antique shops, and I think I found some great finds. Aw, I love my “job.” Actually I am completely in love with most of these items so I might have to get rid of some other items around my house to justify keeping these purchases. I really did find some unique items this time. I love the bake-o-lite silverware, and the bowling set will probably not be leaving my house any time soon if my kids have anything to say about it. And really how could I could wrong with more ironstone! The grain sack with BA embroidered on it was an eBay purchase as well as the one on the table. I got those in the mail last week! I don’t know about you but I have really been in the mood to change things around the house. Hope your week is going well, and I will be sharing pics of my barn sale items soon! Oh and if anyone has a small wire egg basket they would like to sell me let me know, I am in the market for one!

One thought on “Just good shopping…

  1. great finds! i love the little bowling set! i feel like i don’t have much small stuff this time…. i have had good luck lately with dressers, but no small tables, mirrors, frames, etc…. BOO.

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