The Kitchen Islands Are Done!


Finally, I can say the kitchen islands are done, and ready for new homes. One of them, the all white one, was a custom order, and will be delivered to its new owner this weekend! I think they

islandside2kitchenislandbeforeboth turned out lovely. A big thank you to Hood Contracting for making the tops of both of these dressers. The one with the chippy milk paint has a hickory top, and the other a butcher block top. Both of them have tons of character. I believe they date back to around the turn of the century, maybe slightly before. But they are both at least 100 years old. They really don’t make dressers like they used to. And these two will continue to have a long life with a new purpose. It was a funproject, and hopefully the other one will sell quickly so I can design another one, but until then, I think I will stick with painting chairs for a while. I wanted to take nice, pretty pictures of each of them in my kitchen. You know the kind in magazines with nicely staged bread and fruit laid out on top. But when were at the point of putting the tops on I realized I wouldn’t be able to get them out my front door if we mounted them when they were still inside my house! So to the garage they went. And hence, the slightly ugly driveway pics. But on a good note, it was 60 degrees today and was perfect picture weather. So here they are. What do you think? You want a dresser island in your kitchen now, don’t you! Oh and just for comparison, here is what they looked like before.

43 thoughts on “The Kitchen Islands Are Done!

  1. Karen

    They look great! Did Hood Contracting make the scrolled pieces of wood on the back of the white one? Did you use the metal ones on there other one?

  2. I love that you posted these… I was telling my hubby a few days ago that I wanted an old dresser as an island in our new house. He didn’t think it would look good… your blog proves him wrong! Can’t wait to show him 🙂

  3. Akagrammy

    These are lovely. I would like to offer a note of caution however, especially for anyone with adventurous small children. If anyone leans on, or in the case of small children, climbs on the countertop extension, that dresser will tip unless you have it attached to a wall or the floor somehow.

    • I think it is always good to use caution with small children. On this particular island, I had my three children test it out, and we had no issue with it. If you put items in the drawers of the front of the dresser it weights the front down appropriately.

  4. I have been wanting to do this same project and recently found the perfect dresser, but still struggling with how to attach the butcher block top? I’ve painted it a beautiful cornflower blue to give my all wood new kitchen a splash of color.

      • Audrey M Rampone

        Thanks for explaining how to attach the top! I’ve been debating whether to remove the top or afix the butcher block to the old top…glad screws will work. Beautiful pieces and thank you so much for sharing!

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  7. Donna Powers

    These are fabulous. We’re they difficult are so creative. What about putting casters on them ? I want to make one for myself, wheeled of course. (Not for resale.) Are there any tips youwould share ?
    Great job!

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