Teaching Piano…

My vintage PianoSo I have been trying to get caught up on projects, and things around the house, but I just can’t seem to get rid of this darn virus or whatever I have. I really have nothing creative to show you.  I just sent out two custom etsy orders today, so that made me feel better about being productive, but I still have three more to fulfill, and they just happen to be big ones! My house hasn’t had a good cleaning in forever either, but that can wait, right? But today is Tuesday, and Tuesday’s are my piano teaching days! Because I don’t have any projects to showcase today I thought I would share with you another one of my loves, playing the piano. I think I was about four years old, maybe five, when I first put my little fingers on this very piano. My parents bought this piano for my sister who was going to start to take lessons, but I was also eager to play too! I believe this piano is over a 100 years old, and I am its third owner. I have played for about as long as I can remember, and took lessons through my high school years. And beyond that I played for weddings, in church, and for hire at special occasions. I loved it, and music was apart of my daily life. After I was married and had my first baby, I stopped playing. It was hard to sit down and play for fun with so much else to do! However this last year, after praying about it, I asked my husband if he thought I should start teaching piano lessons. I was pleasantly surprised to hear his full support! I put the word out and lo and behold, God blessed me with four little beginners. It is such a joy to teach someone to play an instrument, and it has encouraged me to start playing again as well! So there you have it, one of my lost loves has come back into my life, and it is just as wonderful as it was thirty years ago when I started the journey! I pray you all have a wonderful week!

P.S. I will hopefully have one if not two kitchen island make-overs to show you by this weekend! I can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “Teaching Piano…

  1. oh how awesome!!! i never learned but i wish i had- i always loved music and singing! my kids are also interested in music and i want to start sawyer on piano, but he wants to play guitar…. while i think that is great i really feel like the piano is the fundamental basis to all others.

  2. I agree that about putting the playing aside when you become a Mom. I haven’t played in a long time. I get the itch once in a while. I make my two oldest daughters take piano lessons from their school music teacher. I keep saying someday I will play again.

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