Unexpected Blessings…

Ok so I have to tell you that today will probably make my top ten days of 2013! Unless of  course it is an unbelievable awesome year!!! Which then I will be ok with moving it to number 11, but until then let me tell you why it was so awesome!  First let me back up a bit.  I have stated before what a huge fan of Miss Mustard Seed I am.  I read her every blog post, I shop her vendor spot at Lucketts, I use her milk paint on my furniture, I bought her book, and I pretty much copy her ideas whenever I can!  So huge fan. She has become quite a celebrity in the decorating world, and she seemed a little unreachable. So a couple of weeks ago I was reading one of her blog posts and she made a comment that if anyone local wanted to buy some of her craft supplies that she was cleaning out to leave a comment under her post.  Um, hello, yes, sign me up!!  So I was on it!!!  And lo and behold she emailed me!!! I forgot to mention she only lives about thirty minutes from my house!  Anyway, she said that when she got all of her stuff organized she would let me know.  A couple of weeks pasted. I was sick and really feeling pretty down.  Then I get an email from her to set up a time to come to her home and pick up all the goodies!  YAY, happy day!!! So today was finally the day.  My friend Jamie, was able to go with me as well, she is also a fan, but not crazy like me.  So it was good, to take a level-headed chaperone with.  And just look at all of the stuff I got!  Four bags plume full of supplies. Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) was extremely generous and welcoming. msistash Her house is adorable and it was such an unexpected blessing on such a gloomy, raining day.  So thank you, thank you, Miss Mustard Seed!!! I just love it when God sends a totally unexpected blessing.  I have had quite a few of them lately.  Oh I also forgot to tell you that Abren went with too.  He loved her house as well, and fell in love with a little child’s rocker she has.  Guess I will be looking for one of those at auction.  Anyway, I leave you with a challenge today.  Think about all the unexpected blessings you have already received this year.  We are half way through the first month, and I know there has to be some good ones going on.  So what is your unexpected blessing?

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my favorite teenage nephew Brayden!!  Can’t believe you are 14!!!

P.P.S  Click on Miss Mustard Seeds name to check out her website if you are curious as to why I am such a fan!

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