Auction Finds and New Big Projects

So last night was auction night for me.  I was super excited and couldn’t wait to get back in the auction world.  While I have to say it wasn’t the most incredible auction I have been to yet, I did find a few rough cut diamonds. And it was a nice to see all the regular action peeps there too, I kind of missed the crazy bunch.  Someday I will have to tell you all about the auction characters I have met!  But anyway back on track…. here they are…three little gems just dying to be remade and refined.  I know they look a little more rough than diamond but I promise you, I already have plans in the works. And I have three other large projects going on right now too. Guess I won’t be getting much sleep the next couple of weeks.



Here are two Craig’s List finds I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with at first. But then I had the idea to make them into kitchen islands!  A little bit bigger project than I normally take on, but I called in reinforcements to help. The contractor who redid my kitchen is going to be making butcher block tops and helping me take them from dresser to kitchen island! If you are local and ever in need of a contractor I highly recommend him. You can check out his Facebook page for more pics of current projects, so visit Hood Contracting, when you get a chance. I am also working on a large ottoman starting from frame up, which I will be blogging about that process soon. And Hood Contracting also helped me out with that project too! Here is a pic, giving a sneak peak, at some of the extras I will be adding to the island!kitchenislandbracket

2 thoughts on “Auction Finds and New Big Projects

  1. those little chairs are all so cute! and love the dressers- can’t wait to see them finished! i used to go to crumpton, an auction on the eastern shore (before we moved), and i miss it! i miss all the people and the fun and excitement!

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