The Right Side of the Bid

So tonight is auction night for me.  I haven’t been in a while because of the holidays, but I am ready to get back in the saddle.  I have mentioned before that I get a lot of my furniture from auctions.  And I have gotten some great deals over this past year.  One of the best finds was this lime green chair. I only had to pay 50cents for it!  I am not quite sure how I managed to be the only person who wanted her, maybe because they paired her with any ugly gold chair, or no one was really paying attention but I won the bid, and that was that. Technically I paid a $1 for both chairs but I like to think she was only 50cents.  Sometimes I go to auctions by myself, the auction I won this chair at I was flying solo. Sometimes I go with my friend Amanda, and this last fall I got to go with my parents!  I like to joke with my friend Amanda, when she doesn’t win the bid, that she was “on the wrong side of the bid.” Many times she has asked me what in the world I mean by that! Basically I like to justify things and if things don’t go my way I look for reason and excuses, so I will break down my reasoning for you. Usually when I see an item/piece of furniture I like on my first sweep of the auction before it starts, I mentally put a “top price I am willing to pay for it” mark in my mind. So when it comes time to actually start bidding on the item I don’t go crazy and out of my price limit. When I am bidding on an item I always wait to see who else is going to bid and if no one else wants it, that is when I swoop in and take it for a $1.00. (Sometime soon I will have to show you all the stuff I have gotten for a $1.00 or less at auction) If the bidding immediately starts and goes beyond my first price cap I let it go and don’t bid.  If the item starts off slow and hasn’t reached my cap I jump in and start bidding. But here is where the tricky part comes in, say my limit is $20, so I start bidding at $5 and it keeps going up to $19 to me and then the bid will go to $20 to the other person bidding, if they don’t bid, and refuse, I win for $19, however if they bid at $20, it goes $21 to me, and then I am over my limit, but the other person’s limit might be $20 as well so if I bid $21 they might stop! Oh the dilemma!  So that is why I call it the wrong side of the bid, because if the bid was to me at $20 there would be no dilemma and I would have no regrets about letting it go if the other person wanted it for $21. Hope you followed my logic! So I am off to the auction tonight!  If I get some good stuff I will post some pics soon, and of course what I have in store for them!  So wish me luck and pray that I am on the “right side of the bid”!


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