Buffet, Before and After

I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start!  It was really hard for me to send my kids to school this morning. I think I was more upset than they were to go back to school.  I thought I would share another before and after project. I purchased this buffet back in April. It sat in my garage most of the summer, manly because it was extremely heavy and I knew it would take me a long time to paint it the way I wanted to.  The top had a lot of damage to it.  Some huge scrapes and chunks were missing, so I had to sand off quite a bit off the top layers. Once I got it sanded down and stained the top in a beautiful dark walnut stain to contrast the colors I had chosen for the main body, I knew I was going to be keeping it. One of the most difficult challenges I faced was the original cherry finish bleeding through the cream colored chalk paint I was using.  To combat this I had to rub a little wax in the areas where it was showing through, and then paint over it again. Two months later I finally had it done!  After painting in 100 degree heat I was ready to finally move this beauty into my kitchen.  I think it turned out lovely, and it adds a lot of extra storage in my kitchen.buffetbefore On another note, I am working on a couple of tutorials to post in the upcoming weeks, of course the “how to crochet a simple scarf,” “how to sew a grain sack/sugar sack pillow larger than the original bag,” and “how to frost a cake to a smooth finish.” Have a good one!

P.S. I will be posting some more pics of my home…

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