Just Have to Keep Her

largefrenchchairafterSo here is another french chair makeover. I actually took a before photo of her!  She was another auction find, $6 buy to be exact, and once I got an adorable wing back for $.50!  (I will show you that one soon) And sometime this year I will have to blog about everything I have learned about the auction world, but a girl can’t give away all of her secrets right away! Auctions are truly one of my new loves, but more about that later.  So here she is and I think I have to keep her.  But don’t tell my husband :). I will trade her for one of my other chairs. I am sure I will sell her one day, but for now she will live at my house. I have been sewing like a mad women lately and will post some pics of all of those little projects soon.


And if I ever get my house clean, I will take more pics of all the projects I have planned for my house this year. In the final hours of 2012 count your blessings this year and toss out the bad for God has plans for us all in 2013!

P.S.  I will be selling grain sack pillows on my etsy site this year, just like the one shown above!

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