Extra Details

ImageSo I have been a busy little girl over the holiday break.  Most sensible people are relaxing and enjoying the season.  I can’t say that I have not been enjoying time with my family and getting any relaxing done, but I have also spent every spare minute working on items for my etsy store and my upcoming January sale at Stylish Patina.  Unfortunately I have to say I have a lot of great stuff in the hopper and it is going to be hard to say goodbye to some of these little treasures.  One of those treasures is this little lady. Image I found her at an auction a few months back and knew she had lots of potential!  I completely torn her apart and painted the frame, gave her new foam and new upholstery.  And as an added bonus I made a cute little white denim slipcover for her seat too. I really think the extra details make this chair unique.  After I painted the frame with a light grey, I painted over it with a white wash and then wiped it off. Then I gave her a light distressing.


I will be posting some more of my upcoming items for sale too. As well as some before and after photos of some of my projects.  I am also still contemplating my give away, but I am thinking big 🙂  or at least big within my budget!  Enjoy the rest of this year!  I will probably post more before the end, but just in case.Image

3 thoughts on “Extra Details

  1. Karen

    A beautiful job, Traer. You should have no problem selling it altho I’m sure that you are attached to it since it turned out so nice.

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