Another Give Away!

abundantgiftsOk, so in an attempt to make it to my goal of 100 blog followers by the end of 2013, I think I will have another give away! I know you all love to read my very informative and creative posts, but I know what really gets you excited are give aways!!!  However, I want your feedback.  What do you want to see me give away? And no, for all you smarty pants out there, I am not going to give away a million dollars, but give me some reasonable suggestions, who knows maybe I will be feeling generous!  So please leave your suggestions under the comments or on Facebook, and don’t forgot to sign up to receive emails from my blog! Also you can refer friends for more chances to win 🙂 Many thanks!

10 thoughts on “Another Give Away!

  1. how about a $20 credit to be used in your etsy shop or barn space? that would be good! 🙂 though a million dollars would be preferred…. 😉 love the new backing!

    • Really? I am only seeing 20 people following my blog, and 95 on Facebook. Hmmm I am very new to this whole blog thing, so I am probably not looking at the right numbers! Where did you see 100? I was just going to post my big giveaway announcement too! Thanks for following me Jen, and love keeping up with you on FB 🙂

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