Sweet Little Men…

ImageSo I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful and full of happiness, thankfulness, and joy!  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this years Christmas. Living over a thousand miles away from family is always hard during the holidays, but this year it was full of sweet surprises and unexpected blessings. Christmas Eve the door bell kept ringing with unexpected gifts arriving and a friend stopped by to say Merry Christmas, who I had not seen in months!  And Christmas Day was absolutely perfect!  We were also able to have Christmas dinner with friends who just welcomed their third child a week ago!  Sharing Christmas joy with another family really was a gift to me and my family because it is a rare blessing we have not had in the last six years.

ImageThese last few days of 2012 I have really been thinking and praying about my life and family.  2012 was full of joys and heartaches and questions for the future.  But I rest in the joy that God is in control and has a plan for me and my family!  I am so very thankful for the sweet little men in my life, and they are a gift I will always cherish.  On the road I walk on this earth they are my greatest love!

2 thoughts on “Sweet Little Men…

    • Hi Michelle! Nice to hear from you! I did’t know you had a blog either! It is addicting and fun! Thanks for following and I will check out your blog too. Hope you are staying warm in Nebraska! Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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