Christmas Eve Eve…

ImageHi all so today is Christmas Eve Eve and I pray you are all relaxing at home and enjoying time with your families. After church this AM, my husband suggested we take the boys for a walk in a local park, Pine Grove Furnace, for you local peoples. I was not thrilled at first since it is a little cold outside, but Allen promised we could make hot coco when we returned home, so off we went, and I am so glad we did.  It was a great time to reflect on God’s wonderful creation even in the first days of winter.  When we returned the hot coco was a must!For all of you who are preparing to be with family in the next few days here are some great last minute table decor ideas. Image


They are certainly not inventively new ideas, but rather classic christmas decor from days gone by.  You probably have most if not all of these items in your house or in the backyard.  So if you are in need of just a bit of color for that finishing touch spread these on your holiday table!  I wish you cups of joy overflowing in these last few days of 2012!

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