New Beginnings

ImageHi all, so it has been a while!  It has been a crazy six months.  Starting my own business has been fun but time consuming!  So I thought it would be fun with the new year starting to make some new goals for my business and lay out some expectations for myself.  One of my new goals is to blog more.  I would love to have a hundred followers by the end of next year 2013.  So I am going to write it down and pray for the best.  So what to expect from my blog…  I am going to be showing you all the details about what is going on with my little business.  All the little treasure I find, what projects I am working on, how to recreate the projects I post for yourself.  And most importantly I want to hear from you.  There are many decorating blogs out there.  But I want to see your homes.  So with this in mind I hope to recruit some of you to showcase your homes on my blog and tell your stories.  Well that is enough to get me started.  Thank you for coming along with me on this journey and taking the time read and share in my blog! Merry Christmas to each of you and Happy New Year!

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